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Practical solutions to common divorce issues

Sometimes you simply can’t avoid the emotional trauma that comes with a divorce. However, this pain does not have to control you throughout the divorce (or in the time after the split). While the job of an experienced divorce attorney is not necessarily to deal with a divorcee’s emotions. (After all, they are not licensed therapists.) However, there are a number of emotional issues that can be avoided by taking some practical cues.

Litigation may not be right for your situation

The process of divorce is ugly. It can turn what was once love into hate and make you reconsider ever getting married again. Ideally, when pledging “for better or for worse” to your partner, you probably envisioned growing old together instead of being embroiled in a bitter battle over which piece of furniture belongs to whom.

The rise of the good divorce

We’ve all read of the bitter fighting that is often associated with divorce litigation. Two spouses, backed by two pit bull divorce lawyers, throwing accusations at each other. Neither spouse willing to give an inch, both determined to win.

Preserving the children while breaking up a marriage

During your divorce, you have an opportunity to show your children that it’s possible to end marital ties with maturity and respect. This includes respect for the love and attachment they have for the other parent, and respecting the tantamount changes they are going to be having to comply with as the family is split. This will support their ongoing relationship with you and your spouse rather than creating memories of an ugly divorce full of slander.

Would you trust a robot with your divorce?

These days, it seems that digital technology is in every corner of America. Smart homes, self-driving cars, virtual reality systems and other high-tech inventions continue to develop. While some people have long criticized robots taking over jobs in their industry, lawyers haven’t had much cause for concern.

Older couples are choosing gray divorce over unhappy retirement

Retirement is finally a time to relax; at least that is the idea. An unhappy marriage induces stress, especially when parents can no longer focus on raising their children. Retired couples spend more time together than they ever have before. A growing number of aging adults refuse the prospect of being in an unhappy marriage when retirement arrives.

Revamping your childcare schedule for back-to-school

As we pack away our summer sandals and dust off our fall boots, your kids enter a new school year. Child custody arrangements are relatively simple during the summer – your family spends a week at the beach, your child spends a week at soccer camp but otherwise, you have your days with the kids, and your ex-spouse has theirs.

Is it possible to have an amicable divorce?

We have all heard negative stories about divorce. The word divorce often elicits images of a nasty process. We think of anger, big arguments, court hearings and negativity It is easy to see why this would be the case. Most people do not take a vow and build a life with the expectation of it ending with divorce.

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