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Humphries-Kardashian divorce goes to trial in May

Just a few more months and the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries marriage will be put to rest, if the judge in the case has anything to say about it. The parties will be back in court on May 6 for what most expect to be a three- to five-day trial.

Iverson's personal problems affect custody, visitation ruling

A judge has ordered former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson to abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to scheduled visits with his children. This child custody restriction will remain in place until all of his five children reach the age of 18. This restriction was in addition to other limitations, such as requiring 12 months of AA meetings and 18 months of sobriety. The 37-year-old is also required to see a psychiatrist.

Another celebrity divorce highlights difficulties of getting along

While for many Illinois residents it may seem that celebrities remain in the news due to what many would consider overly dramatic lives, or perhaps just overly scrutinized lives, America just can't seem to get enough of celebrity divorces. Unfortunately for most that have gone through the process, the celebrity version is not that far off from real life, only perhaps with the exception of the money and assets involved.

Kelly Hildebrandt is divorcing Kelly Hildebrandt

Illinois residents may have heard about the famed same-name couple of Kelly C. Hildebrandt and Kelly K. Hildebrandt. Both were given the name Kelly Hildebrandt at birth, and they gained notoriety after a whirlwind engagement and wedding. Now they are back in the news due to their pending divorce.

Allen Iverson and wife reach multimillion-dollar divorce settlement

NBA legend Allen Iverson has been involved in an ongoing, acrimonious divorce. The couple was married in 2001, and together they have five children. Iverson's wife filed for divorce in 2011, but they had yet to agree on a financial settlement. Their divorce case was set to go to court in just a few days, but they have finally been able to come to a divorce settlement, which has now been presented to a judge for incorporation into the divorce decree.

Female NASCAR phenom Danica Patrick files for divorce

Danica Patrick is known as the most successful woman driver in IndyCar history and current NASCAR driver, model and advertising spokesperson. Married for seven years to a physical therapist whom she met after a 2002 hip injury, Patrick recently announced that she has filed for divorce.

After parents' deaths, child custody raises grandparents' rights

Some of the most difficult child custody decisions revolve around children who have lost their parents to a sudden tragedy. In such cases, it is possible that the parents' will specifies who they preferred to have legal responsibility for raising the child or children been left behind. In the absence of such that, however, it can be left for a court to make the child custody decision in the best interest of the child.

Actor Dennis Quaid and wife file for divorce

Many years ago, a satiric columnist for now-defunct Premiere magazine wrote about leading male actors of the day. She went through a number of big names, but every so often, three words, in capital letters, would sneak in: DENNIS DENNIS DENNIS. She finally admitted that there was no getting past it: She was madly in love with Dennis Quaid.

Another athlete in contempt of court over missed support payments

In water cooler chats about celebrities' child support debts, most have refrained from making jokes about Dennis Rodman's hair matching his prison jumpsuit if he misses another child support payment. The former Chicago Bull, now retired, recently appeared in court for underpaying child support owed his ex-wife. The couple split in 2004, but nine years will have passed before the support, custody and visitation plans are final; the Rodmans are due back in court on Jan. 24, 2013.

Kardashian's 72-day marriage may take 72 weeks to unwind

In interviews, reality television personality Kim Kardashian has admitted that she knew "right away" that her marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries was a mistake. What she did not realize in all probability was that undoing that mistake would last longer than the couple's entire relationship. The cause of the delay is that Kardashian wants a divorce while Humphries wants an annulment on the grounds of fraud.

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