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Another celebrity divorce highlights difficulties of getting along

While for many Illinois residents it may seem that celebrities remain in the news due to what many would consider overly dramatic lives, or perhaps just overly scrutinized lives, America just can't seem to get enough of celebrity divorces. Unfortunately for most that have gone through the process, the celebrity version is not that far off from real life, only perhaps with the exception of the money and assets involved.

Divorce signals need to go over single-life checklist

For many couples in Illinois who get divorced, property division may be at the top of the list of priorities when it comes to hammering out a settlement. After all, each party wants to get what it thinks is fair. However, some people may fail to take the bigger picture into account. After all, while property is important, there will be several ongoing expenses that will need to be dealt with.

Cohabitation poses more challenges in custody disputes, p. 2

Once burned, twice shy? Research has shown that the divorce rate for second marriages is much higher than the divorce rate for first marriages. In fact, almost two out of three second marriages will end in divorce. Is that one of the reasons people choose to cohabitate the second time around? In the end, the answer may be both unknowable and beside the point.

Cohabitation poses more challenges in custody disputes

With more couples choosing not to marry, courts are facing some interesting challenges in custody cases. The question is not about the unmarried couple's children, but children from previous marriages that the partners bring into their new relationship. Parents have rights; stepparents have some rights. Whether parents' partners have rights, though, is something that courts are still grappling with.

Arquette divorce may buck the trend of celebrity divorce gaffes p3

We have been talking about the things we can learn from celebrity divorces. There are some problems most of us will never have -- who will get the Paris condo or the Rolls Royce collection? -- but the rich and famous face many of the same challenges the rest of us do when a marriage ends, because a divorce is not just a legal or an emotional matter. It touches every aspect of a person's life.

US judge refuses to recognize Sharia law in custody dispute

Court actions can be complex when divorcing couples dispute child custody. Spouses sometimes accuse one another of being unfit parents to make a case for primary custody. For child custody cases that cross international lines, the road to resolution is even more difficult, especially when one country involved has not signed The Hague Convention treaty designed to prevent parental child abductions.

A custody dispute almost cost two young boys their lives, concl.

We are continuing the story of the "orphans of the Titanic." This is a true story, and it makes you wonder why the movies and books about the Ship of Dreams needed to make anything up. The ship and its sinking were full of real-life drama, including two boys, age 2 and 4, who were the last passengers to get into the last lifeboat. They had no idea they were in the midst of a custody dispute.

A custody dispute almost cost two young boys their lives

According to a Lake County historian, two passengers aboard the RMS Titanic had ties to the area. Both perished when the Titanic went down. Only 700 of the 2,200 passengers survived. The Lake County stories are just two of the real-life dramas that have come to light during the 100th anniversary of the loss of the Titanic. One story, about two young boys caught up in a custody dispute, caught our attention.

Illinois father involved in international child custody dispute

An Illinois father who has been involved in an ongoing international child custody dispute is hoping to prevent other Illinois parents from having to go through the same ordeal that he has. He is gaining momentum with a petition proposing new legislation to be called "Emily's Law" in honor of his daughter, who is at the center of his child custody dispute.

Chicago Father Cleared of Charges After Taking Child to Church

As a follow-up to the story we discussed in our September 3rd post "Bridget Dumps Bernie - Interfaith Divorce Tough on Kids," news has been released this week that the Chicago man under a restraining order preventing him from taking his daughter to church was cleared of charges relating to his alleged violation of the restraining order.A Cook County judge ruled yesterday that the father was not in violation of the court order when he took his daughter to church in January, prior to the completion of child custody proceedings. Contempt of court could not be proven given the video captured by the television crew does not actually show the daughter in attendance at the service.

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