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When not to choose a collaborative law divorce

We have all heard those frightening stories about the horrible things that can be said and done during a divorce. From back-stabbing and name-calling to all-out wars that seem to go on forever, it can make even the hardiest people run for cover. In an effort to side-step some of the horrors associated with a traditional divorce, more and more people are opting for collaborative or mediated divorces.

Collaborative law great alternative to resolving disputes in a divorce

No matter how uncontested the divorce, the process is always stressful. One way that may help mitigate the tension and anxiety regarding property distribution or child custody matters, for instance, is through the use of collaborative law methods instead of traditional litigation.

No-fault divorce may not ignore infidelity as cause of breakup

In many divorce proceedings, the court is not all that interested in hearing the details of one spouse's extra-marital affairs. That does not stop the media from endlessly recounting their lurid tales of celebrity affairs, including recently that of ex-CIA director and retired General David Petraeus. In Illinois, most couples opt for a no-fault divorce, where no specific allegations of infidelity are levied.

Mediation, collaboration in divorce are better for the kids

Family law professionals in Illinois say that couples are opting for mediation and collaboration in divorce more and more of late. The economy may be one reason: On average, litigation is about ten times more expensive than the alternatives. Another reason that couples have cited is that mediation and collaboration are much easier on their children.

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