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Childrens' names lead to custody and abuse questions

Celebrities give their children unusual names, and most people raise an eyebrow. Apple, Moon Unit, Zeppelin and Pirate -- yes, even Blanket -- are fodder for late-night comedians. But if someone heard that name in a Chicago fast food restaurant, chances are good that no one would accuse the parents of abuse and launch a court action for custody of the child.

Catholic Charities loses latest round in fight with DCFS

The dispute between Catholic Charities and the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services continues, with the most recent round going to the government. The organization has been trying to hold onto its state contracts to provide foster care and adoption services. Several dioceses from across the state have joined together to maintain the longstanding relationship. The Rockford Diocese is not involved.

Dioceses join together in fight over Illinois civil union law

In early June, we talked about a lawsuit filed against the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services by Catholic Charities of the Springfield, Peoria and Joliet dioceses. Another diocese, Belleville, has joined the suit now, adding heat to the argument over providing foster and adoption services to same sex couples.

Doctor says parents should lose custody of obese children

A medical journal opinion piece has sparked a controversy in both the medical and the family law communities. The authors, a doctor and a lawyer, argue that an obese child should be put into foster care; clearly, they say, the parents are not acting in the best interest of the child.

Study Shows American Attitudes About Family Changing

Researchers at Indiana University released the results of a survey this week that shows a definite shift in Americans' definition of family. Data gathered in 2003, 2006 and 2010 from more than 2,300 interviews revealed that, over the past seven years, Americans have increasingly recognized both straight and gay unmarried couples as families -- a trend that is noteworthy to family law attorneys in Illinois and around the country.

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