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Supreme Court considers international custody dispute (1 of 2)

When one or both parties to a family law case do not agree with the decision made by a trial court judge, they can file an appeal. Although rare, it is possible for a family law case to be appealed all the way to the United States Supreme Court, the nation's highest court. Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides of an international child custody dispute.

High court steps into custody battle between surrogate and father

We are not talking about the U.S. Supreme Court here. We are talking about the high court in another country, Pakistan, that has agreed to consider a custody matter for a U.S.-based couple. The case is interesting not only because of its subject matter -- surrogacy and custody -- but also because of the tension between civil law and religious law. As we read the story, we wondered if the case would turn out differently here in the U.S.

Court holds that parental rights not contingent on citizenship status

In a recent child custody dispute that examines the role of legal citizenship, one state's highest court has ruled that parental rights trump citizenship status. This determination has set a precedent for custody battles that involve illegal immigrants in Illinois and throughout the United States.

Custody battle sends 5-year-old from Chicago to Ireland

A 5-year-old boy born and raised in Illinois has been sent to Ireland to live there with his father. The international child custody fight has focused on the fact that, under Irish law, the child is a citizen of Ireland, despite, according to his mother, never having previously set foot on the Emerald Isle.

International child custody dispute reaches conclusion

Child custody disputes are usually complicated and full of emotion for Illinois families. An estranged couple's multi-national child custody battle recently reached a resolution. Just over two years ago, the custody battle took center stage, as the boy's parents brought their clash all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

Illinois father involved in international child custody dispute

An Illinois father who has been involved in an ongoing international child custody dispute is hoping to prevent other Illinois parents from having to go through the same ordeal that he has. He is gaining momentum with a petition proposing new legislation to be called "Emily's Law" in honor of his daughter, who is at the center of his child custody dispute.

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