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When to choose mediation in an Illinois divorce case

When a couple gets divorced, they may go through a wide range of emotions. However, some couples have accepted that they are dissolving their marriage and want to get through the process as quickly and amicably as possible. These are the cases that are best suited for mediation as opposed to a trial. A mediator is not a judge and will often tailor solutions based on the unique needs of the couple.

Roles mental health professionals may play in divorce

Some couples in Illinois that decide to divorce have many issues to sort through before the agreement becomes final. One or both parties have the option of selecting mental health professionals to help them make the transition and negotiate effective compromises, especially with custody issues.

Settling a divorce through mediation

An Illinois resident who wishes to end his or her marriage must file a lawsuit to do so. However, it may be possible to negotiate the terms of a divorce settlement through mediation. Mediation may make it possible to avoid hard feelings after a divorce. It may also make it possible to come to an agreement faster and without a lot of trauma for either side.

Divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation in Illinois

If your marriage is ending, you are likely to want to get your divorce completed soon and with as little disagreement as possible. Your divorce likely involves many aspects that will need to be decided, including how to divide your property, with whom your children will live and what your children's parenting time will be, whether you and your spouse will share decision-making responsibility for your child and whether you or your spouse will want to be awarded alimony.

What are the advantages of divorce mediation?

Illinois residents who are preparing to divorce may be curious about the benefits of mediation rather than litigation. While it is still necessary for couples to file an action in court in order to legally dissolve their unions, it is not required that they go through a trial or have a judge divide their assets. Mediation is on the rise among many couples as a lower-stress alternative to the traditional antagonistic divorce proceedings. The limited stress of mediation is one reason many family court judges routinely order mediation in cases involving child custody disputes.

Steps to prepare for child custody mediation

Illinois parents who must enter mediation in order to come to an agreement about child custody arrangements during a divorce should prepare for the process ahead of time. If the mediation is court-ordered, the mediator's recommendations may have a great deal of weight in court, and the outcome of the decision will profoundly affect both children and their parents for years. Even if the mediation is amicable, preparation can help.

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