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Top 4 tips for your first post-divorce family vacation

Summer is just around the corner, and for many families in Illinois, this means vacation time is close at hand. However, if you have recently been divorced, you may be nervous about planning your first trip as a single parent.

Children don't need toys, they need stability during divorce

Divorce can be stressful. Not only can it be hectic and emotional for the adults involved, but it can also be a drastic change in the life to any children in the family. Those children might seek attention from both of their parent during the divorce, and express their emotions. It is good for children to talk about their feelings, and parents should always be willing to listen. However, sometimes parents buy their children gifts and even confide in their children in order to lift their spirits and help a parent feel better at the same time.

Childrens' names lead to custody and abuse questions

Celebrities give their children unusual names, and most people raise an eyebrow. Apple, Moon Unit, Zeppelin and Pirate -- yes, even Blanket -- are fodder for late-night comedians. But if someone heard that name in a Chicago fast food restaurant, chances are good that no one would accuse the parents of abuse and launch a court action for custody of the child.

Successful Co-parenting - Put Your Ego Aside

When a Chicago real estate agent and her husband decided to end their marriage, they made a conscious decision to put their egos aside and to focus on the children. As the parents of two boys, the wife said, she and her husband faced their divorce and parenting negotiations with the same goal they had during their marriage: to be a good influence on their children.

Fla. Gay Adoption Decision Sparks More Debate

In our last post, we wrote about this week's Florida Court of Appeal decision that affirmed the unconstitutionality of the state's ban on adoption by homosexuals. Even as far away as Illinois, communities are feeling the repercussions of the case, because, at the heart of it, the decision is about parenting.

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