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Procedures for relocation by a custodial parent

As Illinois residents may know, relocation for a better paying job, family assistance with children or education is common in today's mobile society. A custodial parent may face obstacles, particularly if the child custody arrangement does not make provision for this alteration. It is important to know what is expected to make the transition easier.

How does a judge determine child custody in Illinois?

Many parents in Illinois who are going through a divorce find that one of the more emotional aspects of the process is how to deal with custody and living arrangements of their children going forward. As is the case around the country, courts in Illinois are required to determine child custody in accordance with the best interests of the children. The Illinois General Assembly has enacted legislation that sets forth a variety of elements that go into this decision. The following brief summary is not intended to constitute legal advice, and every family's situation is different.

Illinois child custody determinations

Illinois parents may be curious as to how a judge decides child custody when divorcing parents are unable to agree. Custody may be sole or joint. Despite the name, joint child custody does not necessitate that the parents share parenting time equally. It simply means that both parents participate in parenting. Legal custody also includes the right to make important decisions regarding the child, such as where the child will go to school or the child's religious upbringing.

Understanding child custody in Illinois

For Illinois parents, going through a divorce can be nerve-racking. For many parents, child custody is the most important part of their divorce, but many people are unsure of the process itself. While every case is different, the state of Illinois provides clear and helpful information about the different types of custody and how child custody is determined.

A new wrinkle - and maybe a new mom - for MJ's kids (part 3)

Raising children can be tough -- so tough, at times, that we sometimes wonder that people try it at all. Just ask any Lake County parent about decisions regarding their children, and you will surely find that even happily married couples can disagree completely on things like education, religious upbringing and discipline.

Mom wants to move kids closer to dad; why should he object? p. 2

We are continuing our discussion of professional basketball star Steve Nash's child custody dispute with his ex-wife. The couple is arguing over where the children should live, but the argument is not about what you'd think. We are used to parents here in Lake County wanting to be closer to their kids and objecting when the other parent tries to leave the state. In Nash's case, he wants his kids to stay put with their mother, 400 miles and one state away.

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