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Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, concl.

We are wrapping up our discussion of an Illinois man's struggle to change Japan's child custody laws. The man has been living apart from his now ex-wife for four years. During that time, he has visited his son every six weeks for four hours. He believes Japan's sole custody system is inherently biased against fathers.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, cont.

We are continuing our discussion from our last post. An Illinois native, now living in Japan, has discovered the hard way that that country's child custody system differs significantly from the system here. The 45-year-old English teacher believes it's time for a change, and he recently completed a 1,500 km bike ride to make his point.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son

An Illinois native has completed a month-long bike ride that he hopes will result in changes to child custody laws. He lives in Japan; his son and his ex-wife live more than 500 miles away from him there. According to his visitation agreement, he is allowed to see his son for five hours every six weeks.

Custody fight focuses on religious traditions (part 2)

We were talking about a Chicago child custody dispute that centered on the religious upbringing of the child. The mother converted to Hassidic Judaism when she married again. The father, though he agreed to raise the boy as a Jew, believes her "extremism" -- she keeps kosher -- is driving a wedge between him and his son. The mother has petitioned the court to toss out the previous custody agreement and to give her sole custody. The father vigorously disagrees.

Custody fight focuses on religious traditions

A Chicago custody fight made headlines recently, not because it involved celebrities, but because the nature of the case is so unusual. When the couple divorced in 2007, they agreed to joint custody of their son. Now the boy's mother says their original custody agreement should be dissolved and she should be granted sole custody. The parents stipulated in the original agreement that the boy be raised Jewish. Unfortunately, they did not clarify just what that meant.

Dwyane Wade Custody Suit Under Way in Cook County

Chicago native and NBA star Dwyane Wade entered court recently in the next phase of his divorce proceedings. The divorce from his high school sweetheart was finalized in June, with the question of custody of the couple's children left open. The current court proceedings will determine where the two boys, aged 8 and 3, live and which parent has primary responsibility for their upbringing.

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