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Can grandparents petition for visitation in Illinois?

Often, during a divorce or other type of custody dispute, grandparents can see their time with their grandchildren diminished. It's also common for grandparents to fight for visitation when one or both parents are either unwilling or unable to care for the grandchildren. Grandparents sometimes assume that they have no legal recourse, but that's not necessarily the case. Grandparents can file a petition for visitation rights. However, the situation in question must meet certain criteria for the court to consider the petition.

A new wrinkle - and maybe a new mom - for MJ's kids (part 2)

Michael Jackson's family has another legal issue on their hands. The guardianship of Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, had been a sore subject between his siblings and their mother, Katherine. In June, the guardianship came up again when Paris, 15, attempted suicide. The stress of the wrongful death trial -- Katherine is suing Jackson's concert promoter -- had taken its toll, according to press reports.

Iverson's personal problems affect custody, visitation ruling

A judge has ordered former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson to abstain from alcohol for 24 hours prior to scheduled visits with his children. This child custody restriction will remain in place until all of his five children reach the age of 18. This restriction was in addition to other limitations, such as requiring 12 months of AA meetings and 18 months of sobriety. The 37-year-old is also required to see a psychiatrist.

Dwyane Wade custody dispute: Ex-wife charged with kidnapping

Chicago native Dwyane Wade was part of the winning team in the NBA championship game on Father's Day, but his sister had spent the night before trying to locate the basketball star's ex-wife and two young children. Wade and his ex-wife have argued over custody and visitation since their 2010 divorce. In fact, one judge involved in the case said that the effect on the boys, now 10 and 5, was "the saddest thing."

'Virtual visitation' is an option for divorced Illinois parents

As society and technology progresses, one would imagine that the law would attempt to reflect the nature of modern times. Families have evolved over the last several decades and, fortunately, Illinois child custody and visitation laws have, in some ways, grown to suit the needs of 21st century parents and their children.

Tobacco users experience an uphill battle in child custody cases

Are you a habitual tobacco user? Illinois smokers are probably familiar with the various risks associated with the use of cigarettes. However, did you know that as a smoker, you could potentially lose your kids in a child custody dispute?

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, concl.

We are wrapping up our discussion of an Illinois man's struggle to change Japan's child custody laws. The man has been living apart from his now ex-wife for four years. During that time, he has visited his son every six weeks for four hours. He believes Japan's sole custody system is inherently biased against fathers.

Illinois man bikes 1,500 km for right to see his son, cont.

We are continuing our discussion from our last post. An Illinois native, now living in Japan, has discovered the hard way that that country's child custody system differs significantly from the system here. The 45-year-old English teacher believes it's time for a change, and he recently completed a 1,500 km bike ride to make his point.

The Unusual Suspects: Visitation Decision Breaks Ground (p. 2)

A couple of posts ago, we were talking about a court decision regarding a child visitation agreement. The parents are a lesbian couple who live in a state that neither recognizes civil unions nor allows same-sex couples to adopt. In Illinois, the outcome would be different -- especially after June 1, when the civil union law takes effect. The case breaks ground in the couple's home state, though, so it merits discussion here.

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