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Child custody questions for caring parents

As a caring parent, you want nothing more than to protect your child or children in the event of a divorce. You have a lot going on, as you and your former spouse are parting ways. Even so, this doesn't mean you can overlook the importance of taking care of your child.

Preventing international parental abduction

The possibility of a parent taking their child outside of the country to escape custody laws can be a very scary situation for many Illinois parents. If a parent takes a child abroad, it can be difficult to enforce a custody agreement. There are several steps a parent can take to prevent such an abduction or bring a child back.

Program aims to reduce conflict between divorced parents

One Illinois county has started a new program that is intended to make the exchange of a child between parents less stressful for everyone involved. DeKalb County has joined two other counties with similar programs. The county will offer the Neutral Exchange Program on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings.

The advantages and disadvantages of a custody case

Although it may not seem obvious at first, there are both advantages and disadvantages to opening an Illinois custody case. As individual situations differ, there is no correct answer on how parents should proceed.

When other states may have jurisdiction in child custody cases

Starting a child custody case may be challenging for a parent if one does not know which state has jurisdiction. An Illinois resident would likely file in Illinois in many situations, but exceptions can occur. A state that a child has lived in for six consecutive months or more with a parent or guardian is considered the child's home state, and this is where custody requests must be filed. The state an infant has resided in from birth counts as the home state when a baby is younger than six months old, and temporary absences from a state do not change the status of one's home state.

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