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Location location location: NBA star, ex-wife settle custody case

Another professional basketball player was in the news this week: Fox News reported that eight-time NBA All Star Steve Nash has settled his child custody dispute with his ex-wife, Alejandra Amarilla. Nash does not have ties to Illinois, but the battle over where his children would be raised was unusual enough to bring up here in Lake County.

A new wrinkle - and maybe a new mom - for MJ's kids (part 3)

Raising children can be tough -- so tough, at times, that we sometimes wonder that people try it at all. Just ask any Lake County parent about decisions regarding their children, and you will surely find that even happily married couples can disagree completely on things like education, religious upbringing and discipline.

A new wrinkle - and maybe a new mom - for MJ's kids (part 2)

Michael Jackson's family has another legal issue on their hands. The guardianship of Jackson's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, had been a sore subject between his siblings and their mother, Katherine. In June, the guardianship came up again when Paris, 15, attempted suicide. The stress of the wrongful death trial -- Katherine is suing Jackson's concert promoter -- had taken its toll, according to press reports.

A new wrinkle - and maybe a new mom - for Michael Jackson's kids

Michael Jackson cannot, it seems, rest in peace. The pop icon died in 2009 as he was preparing for a tour, a comeback of sorts. His physical health had been fragile, his mental health had long been the subject of speculation, his legal troubles were legion, and his finances were a mess. From the relatively remote confines of Lake County, it looked as if the guy could use a long break. The only thing that seemed to be going well for him was his relationship with his children.

Illinois Supreme Court updates rules to improve custody mediation

The Illinois Supreme Court announced this week that it has amended the mediation rules in child custody and visitation cases. The amendments will not be effective until Sept. 1, 2013, so counties and judicial circuits have about 60 days to update their internal processes.

Women's group pushes for equal custody arrangements

Generally speaking, the conception is that women are given primary custody of children more often than men in divorce. Even in arrangements where parents share custody, children may only spend a couple days per week with their father. Although Illinois child custody laws aim to meet the best interests of children, some observers feel as though family laws haven't caught up with the needs of today's families.

Distance can be a factor in child custody determinations

There is no doubt that the incident involving the NFL player Jovan Belcher and his family was a terrible tragedy. If our readers are not familiar with this situation, the football player had shot his girlfriend during an argument and later killed himself. While we don't have the standing to talk about what they were thinking, the issues that remain in the case are pertinent to our Illinois Family Law Blog.

Noncustodial dads observe Fatherless Day at Illinois Capitol

Fathers are short-changed by family courts, according to the organization Illinois Fathers. The group of noncustodial parents and grandparents met at the Capitol in Springfield this week to observe Fatherless Day, their effort to make the public and lawmakers aware of the difficulties noncustodial fathers face in building solid, meaningful relationships with their children.

Mom wants to move kids closer to dad; why should he object? p. 2

We are continuing our discussion of professional basketball star Steve Nash's child custody dispute with his ex-wife. The couple is arguing over where the children should live, but the argument is not about what you'd think. We are used to parents here in Lake County wanting to be closer to their kids and objecting when the other parent tries to leave the state. In Nash's case, he wants his kids to stay put with their mother, 400 miles and one state away.

Dwyane Wade's ex claims kids' activities keep them from her

Being a single parent is not easy, especially in this age of extra-curricular activities. It is hard enough for two parents to juggle soccer practices and games, music or dance lessons or any of the multitude of enriching activities available to kids today. Being a single parent can mean coordinating all of those schedules alone. Being a non-custodial parent in a difficult divorce and custody situation can mean losing parenting time to those activities.

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