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Legal separation in Illinois

In Illinois, a person can file for legal separation if they are no longer living with their spouse without fault. By filing for legal separation, the petitioner may be able to seek a reasonable amount in financial support or spousal maintenance while the couple is still married but are not together.

Situations where a legal separation may be prudent

Couples in Illinois who no longer wish to remain together will usually file for divorce, but this is not true in every case. In some situations, a divorce could have serious financial consequences, and a couple may choose to remain legally married while leading separate lives. In these situations, entering into a legal separation agreement may be advisable.

What is the difference between annulment and divorce?

In Illinois and other states, there are significant differences between an annulment and a divorce. An annulment is distinct from a divorce in that it operates to make it as if the marriage had never occurred, while a divorce simply ends the marriage. In some ways, though, the two actions are practically very similar. Both are court orders that essentially dissolve a marriage.

What is legal separation?

Couples living in Illinois who may not be ready for a divorce may want to consider pursuing a legal separation. While legal separation is a formal arrangement and is approved by a judge, it does not legally end the marriage.

Marriage isn't a game for Michael Douglas, but is his over?

For 13 years, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have stood steadfastly next to one another -- despite critics of their 25-year age difference. Now, the couple has announced that they will be taking time apart to re-evaluate their marriage, and rumors have been swirling over the possibility of a future divorce.

Kardashian divorce is closer to an end

It seems like it divorce has been dragging on for the reality star, but Kim Kardashian appeared in court recently for a hearing, attempting to settle her divorce case from NBA athlete Kris Humphries. Sources report that the TV star sat with her hands crossed on her lap in a jury, waiting for her court appearance. A judge has guarded the proceedings due to confidentiality mandates in the former couple's divorce settlement.

Divorce may cost former Potbelly CEO his shares in company

People often comment on how difficult divorce is for those of limited means. But the fact is, divorce does not have to be expensive - but it can be equally taxing for wealthy people if they are not careful as they go about the process. Nor does divorce have to be a hurtful process. Sometimes, working with a mediator can make it go much more smoothly.

Another marriage stressor: lying about money

This is another story about financial woes and their effect on a marriage. We've said often (our last post notwithstanding) that money troubles are among the top reasons couples divorce. According to a recent survey, though, it's not just that there's not enough money or that the couple disagrees on financial priorities. No, some marriages fall victim to "financial infidelity."

Study Links Physical Fitness to Divorce

A new study has had the media abuzz, and just in time for your annual holiday cookie exchange. According to scientists in Stockholm, divorced men tend to be more physically fit than their married counterparts. The reverse is true for women: Divorced women tend to let themselves go, while married women tend to stay fit.The researchers followed almost 9,000 men and women over the age of 45, measuring cardiovascular fitness and monitoring relationship status over eight years. They then compared the results of participants by marital status categories, including single/stayed single, single/married, married/stayed married and married/got divorced. Remarriage was also noted.

You Can't Get Divorced If You Don't Get Married

An Illinois newspaper recently published an analysis of vital statistics from four northern counties. The researchers were interested in finding out what was behind the recent decline in divorce. They wanted to go beyond the "typical," recession-related reasons found in previous studies. What they found was both simple and surprising: There are fewer divorces these days because there fewer couples get married in the first place.

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