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Marriage equality comes early for terminally ill

It was a moment of triumph for same-sex marriage advocates when Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act last month. For some couples, though, one provision of the law was troublesome: the June 1, 2014, effective date. They wondered why they had to wait.

State government to divorcing parents: Give it 1 more try

Ask a group of people living in Illinois or any other state and you're bound to find someone who believes that there's too much divorce going around. Whether that sentiment is fueled by religious beliefs or nostalgia, many feel that couples who opt for divorce simply haven't tried hard enough to make their relationship work. 

One family's story illustrates flaw in Illinois adoption law, p2

We are continuing the discussion from our last post about a private adoption that placed two children in a home with a sex offender. An Illinois jury recently determined that the man is a sexually dangerous person, and he will soon be transferred from jail to a public facility. With the trial behind them, the children who were his victims will now try to be survivors rather than victims, as the prosecutor said.

One family's story illustrates flaw in Illinois adoption law

Sexual assault charges against an Illinois man put him in jail two years ago. The state chose to set the criminal charges aside in order to pursue a civil commitment. Toward the end of November, a jury concluded that the man is a sexually dangerous person. He will soon move to the sex offender unit at a state facility.

Illinois General Assembly votes to allow '2 persons' to marry, p2

At this writing, the most the press can find out about Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's plans to sign the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act is that it will happen sometime in November. The signing will likely be a major event, just as the state legislature's approval of the bill was on Nov. 5.

Illinois General Assembly votes to allow '2 persons' to marry

After what most are hailing as an historic vote in the legislature on Nov. 5, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn said he will sign the legislation that legalizes same-sex marriage in the state. When Quinn follows through, the right to marry regardless of the spouses' genders will have been approved in 15 states and the District of Columbia.

Extreme measures: FBI takes down 'Get' Gang

A recent story about the arrest of a group of men, two of whom are Orthodox rabbis, got us to thinking about organized crime. The FBI rounded up the unusual suspects on the East Coast, but what they are accused of doing would fit neatly in with Prohibition-era Chicago. We were a tough town then, but we wonder if even Al Capone would have gone as far as this gang allegedly has.

Don't want to be burdened by permanent alimony? Come to Illinois!

There used to be a commercial on television that made a lot of people laugh. It featured a young lawyer entering an older lawyer's office to discuss a personal injury case they were handling. The older lawyer appeared quite confident and learned -- he was surrounded by leather-bound law books -- as his eager associate explained that they have just received the defendant's response to their complaint. "Who's representing them?" the older lawyer asked. The younger attorney looked at the paper and named a local Lake County law firm.

Same-sex marriage benefits granted to military personnel

The 36,000 or so active duty military men and women who make Illinois their home received news last week about an important policy change. The Pentagon announced on Aug. 14 that same-sex spouses of military personnel will be eligible for federal benefits no later than Sept. 3. Civilian defense employees will also be eligible.

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