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Illinois and child support: When is 58 percent good enough? p3

This is a continuation of our discussion about the problems of collecting child support payments in Illinois. The state has a terrible reputation -- "one of the worst," according to one attorney -- but there are pockets of progress. Lake County is among them.

Illinois and child support: When is 58 percent good enough?

Illinois has a bad reputation when it comes to collecting child support. The system has some very convenient aspects, but it also lets noncustodial parents get away without paying and without penalties for not paying. As a result, cases can languish with the state for years before any progress is made or before the children simply grow up and become ineligible for child support.

Charlie Sheen reaches agreement on child support

Normally we do not report on celebrity divorce or custody stories, but they do provide some "teachable" moments. As unlikely as it can be that Charlie Sheen would provide one of these moments, his latest agreement with ex-wife Brooke Muller is an example of how child support modifications can work. 

Paternity test results lead to surprising news for Illinois man

We often talk about the difficulties of paying and collecting child support. In our last post, for instance, we discussed a new law in Illinois that the governor believes will help to reduce the state's $3 billion child support backlog. One man, however, finds himself in the unusual position of having been diligent with support payments only to discover, years later, that the child is not his.

Know when to fold: IL deducts child support from gambling winnings

Both the IRS and the state of Illinois consider gambling winnings to be income. You have to report it on your tax returns, and you have to pay taxes on it. Lottery winnings, slot machine jackpots and your take from hitting the trifecta -- it is all income. And because it is all income, it is also subject to garnishment for child support debt.

Rapper DMX learns consequences of not paying child support

When we say there are serious consequences for not making child support payments, we are not kidding. The primary risk, of course, is to the child's well-being: Remember that one or two missed payments can put a single parent below the poverty line; in Illinois, two-thirds of children in poor families live with just one parent.

Enforcing child support gets serious in Illinois

Child support orders are determined based upon a parent's ability to pay, a child's needs and several other factors. There are some instances when a spouse obligated to pay under the agreement either is unable to pay and fails to seek a modification or chooses not to pay at all.

Is paid paternity leave the first step to fathers' rights?

In the afterglow of Father's Day, let's take a look at some recent local developments on the paternal parent front. First, Chicago's own 17-year-old rap star Chief Keef faces a second paternity suit and additional charges of avoiding child support payments. Second, local police hit the streets dressed like commandos in search of noncustodial dads who are behind on their support payments. They arrested 25 people in "raids" last week, one a dad who owes almost $125,000 in back support payments.

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