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Feds and wife tussle over convicted felon's missing millions, p 2

Generally, when someone talks about political corruption, the first city to come to mind is Chicago. The legend lives on, it seems. These days, though, worse things are happening elsewhere, and mayors and their contractor co-conspirators are bilking the people of cities that are not Chicago and states that are not Illinois. 

Feds and wife tussle over convicted felon's missing millions

This is a story of public officials and corruption, of federal racketeering charges and potentially millions of dollars in hidden assets. It is a story of a woman whose husband owes a lot of money to the federal government and who still has family obligations that he is not meeting. And, as hard as it is to believe, this is not a story about Chicago.

Modify, terminate ... Walsh asks court to change child support

His Congressional campaign ended in defeat, but former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh has launched a new campaign -- this time in family court. Walsh filed a petition to terminate his child support obligations in February, although the Illinois native claims he only meant to modify his payments.

No good deed goes unpunished: Sperm donor must pay child support

Three years ago, a man read an online classified ad by a female same-sex couple asking for someone to be their sperm donor for artificial insemination. He agreed to do it, and dropped off his donation at the women's house, where he and they entered into a written agreement indicating that he would have no parental rights or obligations.

New division tries to aid children caught up in legal system

The State's Attorney's office in St. Clair County has created a new entity, the Children's Justice Division, with the hope of assisting children drawn into the legal system and improving their prospects for success later in life. It will help children in Illinois with a range of problems, including child support, neglect or abuse, truancy difficulties, or situations in which children are criminally victimized or are faced with accusations of juvenile delinquency.

Another athlete in contempt of court over missed support payments

In water cooler chats about celebrities' child support debts, most have refrained from making jokes about Dennis Rodman's hair matching his prison jumpsuit if he misses another child support payment. The former Chicago Bull, now retired, recently appeared in court for underpaying child support owed his ex-wife. The couple split in 2004, but nine years will have passed before the support, custody and visitation plans are final; the Rodmans are due back in court on Jan. 24, 2013.

Online classes available for Chicago area divorcees

Although the process of divorce can quickly become contentious, with high stakes in assets and property divvyed between the separating partners, those splits involving children must, by necessity, take on a marked degree of cooperation as well. In fact, the state of Illinois itself takes specific action in divorces between parents, working to ensure that young children are properly cared for during and after separation.

State, US data say no end in sight for child support problems

For custodial parents who are owed child support payments, the problem goes beyond making ends meet. As one Illinois mom puts it, "It takes a toll on everything, and the stress is overbearing." Her son, she says, hasn't seen his dad for 15 years. After years of financial and emotional struggle, two bankruptcies and unsuccessful efforts to collect the money his father owes, her 18-year-old son's distrust of men extends well beyond his dad.

Group offers help for separated fathers

Divorce, child custody, and child support rulings can often be difficult for separated fathers to cope with. The prospect of being denied a role in the lives of their children is one that many Illinois men must confront after their traditional role as family provider and protector is revoked. When a father in this situation is also bouncing back from a lost job or time behind bars, the combination of hardships can seem insurmountable.

Economic woes affecting single mothers and children

In Illinois, more than one third of single mothers live in poverty. Research suggests that, although the economic recession is partially to blame, many mothers who have legal custody of their children are receiving little or no child support from the children's fathers.

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