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Randy Jackson's plate is full of child support, MJ estate drama

Randy Jackson, the youngest of Michael Jackson's eight siblings, has been center stage in a fight over control of Michael's estate. He is rumored to have authored a letter to the probate court calling for the ouster of the lawyers in charge of Michael's estate. Four other members of his generation of Jacksons signed along with him. Randy also played a part in his mother's recent "disappearance."

Past due on child support? Paperless process could cost you everything 4

We are finishing up our discussion of a federal regulation set to take effect in March 2013. The rule could have a dramatic effect on noncustodial parents who receive federal benefits and who owe child support payments. The rule comes from the Department of the Treasury, because it writes the checks. The rule will affect clients of the Department of Health and Human Services, though, and advocates are saying the two should talk.

Past due on child support? Paperless process could cost you everything 3

It is hard to argue that there is no child support crisis in Illinois. The most recent data available shows that the Office of the Attorney General collected $190 million in child support from 89 of the state's 102 counties. The question is, how much of that money goes to the families, and how many support payments go into the state's coffers?

Past due on child support? Paperless process could cost you everything 2

The Department of the Treasury recently announced that federal benefits will not be paid by paper check after March 2013. Instead, the funds will be directly deposited into beneficiaries' bank accounts or loaded onto prepaid debit cards. Over the next 10 years, the move to paperless could save the government $1 billion ... and impoverish almost a quarter of a million people.

Past due on child support? Paperless process could cost you everything

A new policy at the Department of the Treasury is under fire for what many believe will be a dire, if unintended, consequence. While the change looks like a neutral cost-savings effort at first glance, noncustodial parents -- in Illinois and every other state -- who are behind on their child support payments could pay the price.

Tobacco users experience an uphill battle in child custody cases

Are you a habitual tobacco user? Illinois smokers are probably familiar with the various risks associated with the use of cigarettes. However, did you know that as a smoker, you could potentially lose your kids in a child custody dispute?

Illinois lawmakers look to update child support laws

With talk of many states considering overhauling their alimony and child support regulations, it's surprising that the Illinois Legislature is considering a move to update the state's child support laws. There is a sense among advocates of child support reform that the laws are outdated and should do more to reflect the complexity of today's family situations.

Man arrested on outstanding child support warrant after 36 years

In a recent post, it was noted that Illinois suburbs are seeing a rise in child support delinquencies. Failing to pay child support can have negative repercussions for all involved. While it's not common that people are arrested on outstanding child support warrants dozens of years after the fact, it does happen on occasion.

Illinois suburbs see rise in child support delinquencies

It seems U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh is not the only suburbanite with child support problems. A Chicago-area newspaper recently looked at child support delinquencies around the state and found that suburban counties are faring worse than the rest of the state.

Court denies request to collect way past-due child support

The high court in another state has rejected a request from a woman who wanted to collect delinquent child support payments -- some of which dated back more than 40 years. The court sided with the woman's ex-husband, who cited that the state's 20-year statute of limitations protected him from collection. In Illinois, the statute of limitation on child support is much shorter, typically two years, making such cases almost unheard of here.

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