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Children and divorce

Separating parents in Illinois should keep in mind that the divorce process can be very difficult for children to handle well. However, there are some steps that divorcing parents can take to make sure that their children emerge from the divorce able to cope with the many changes.

How divorce impacts insurance policies

When a person gets divorced in Illinois, it is important to take time to review how it could impact that individual's insurance coverage. After a marriage ends, someone who was covered by a spouse's insurance policy may no longer be covered. One option to obtain coverage in the aftermath of a divorce is to take advantage of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, or COBRA. Another option is to purchase a policy through the Affordable Care Act, or ACA.

Speedy divorce settlements could lead to future credit problems

Divorcing spouses in Illinois are often eager to reach an agreement quickly so they can move on with their lives. Unfortunately, the simplest way to settle thorny financial issues is not always the most prudent. While simply going through a divorce does not impact credit scores, some of the decisions made during property division negotiations could make it more difficult to borrow in the future.

How some behaviors over time can lead to divorce

Some marriages in Illinois might end because of behaviors that do not seem significant on their own but can destroy a relationship over time. For example, one person might constantly minimize the other person's emotional expression, and this can eventually drive a wedge between them.

Joint child custody more common than in previous decades

When Illinois fathers get a divorce, they are more likely to seek custody or a more generous visitation schedule than their counterparts may have in the past, and courts are more likely to grant those requests. The legal system generally starts from an assumption of shared legal custody. This means that both parents will have the ability to make decisions about the child's education, health care, religion and other major issues.

How parents can improve communication with an ex

Divorced parents in Illinois may want to look into online tools that can help them communicate about child custody and visitation. Online or text-based exchanges will keep a record, which could be important if there is a dispute. Communication can also be improved by keeping a physical calendar that details custody/visitation dates.

Dividing a family business during a divorce

Most Illinois couples understand that divorce is a difficult process that can have a long-term impact. In addition to the emotional challenges of a separation, there are practical considerations. This includes how the divorcing couple will divide any marital assets. When an agreement cannot be reached, the divorce process is lengthened. This is especially true if the asset being discussed is a family-owned business.

Divorce and cryptocurrencies

The division of assets can be one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce. With the new types of currencies being created in the financial industry, a growing number of divorcing couples are also having to address how to handle any cryptocurrency holdings they may have.

Claiming dependents on taxes after divorce

When parents in Illinois get divorced, they might want to agree on who will be able to claim their children on future tax filings. Otherwise, if both parents claim a child, the IRS will accept the first return they receive. While it is possible to go through the agency's customer service department to resolve the issue based on tie-breaker rules, the better alternative is to avoid such a dispute altogether.

Technology may make divorce easier on children

There are both pros and cons of social media and cellphones. However, one upside to a connected culture in Illinois is that parents and children can remain in contact after a divorce. This could especially help improve the relationship between a child and parent who no longer live in a shared home.

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