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Why people should not try to get revenge during divorces

When Illinois couples decide to end their marriages, some want to use their divorces as a way to get revenge against their estranged spouses. People should never seek to get revenge through the divorce process because doing so is likely to make the situation much worse.

Issues for people who divorce in their 20s

Studies show that the divorce rate has fallen among adults between the age of 25 and 39, and a large reason for this is the later age at which people are marrying for the first time. However, this also means that Illinois couples who end their marriage in their 20s may feel isolated from their peers, most of whom are not divorced and many of whom may not even have married yet.

What people get wrong about being married

Illinois residents may have been told what marriage is supposed to be like. One of the common stories surrounding marriage is that it results in a lack of sex or intimacy in generally. The truth is that a couple can make their relationship into anything that they want it to be. This means that sex and intimacy may not necessarily go away just because a couple has walked down the aisle.

How to divide a startup in a divorce

Illinois residents who have an entrepreneurial spirit may be less likely to succeed in their marriages. One of the reasons why this may be the case is because those who start their own businesses are under intense pressure on a regular basis. However, even a person who creates the next Uber may not survive the rigors of marriage.

Preparation for negotiating a divorce settlement

Some Illinois couples whose marriages are coming to an end might want to try negotiating a settlement agreement instead of going to litigation to have a judge decide how property will be divided and time with children will be allocated. This approach may be more satisfying for people who are well-prepared.

Making emotional decisions during a divorce

Divorcing couples in Illinois may experience a broad range of emotions as they go through this transition. Amidst periods of anger, despair, shame and a possible desire to hurt the other spouse in an attempt at retribution, parties may face financial decisions that could have long-reaching effects on their lives moving forward. According to one family law attorney on the East Coast, spouses who take a more businesslike approach to the decision-making process may find it easier to avoid several common mistakes while making the divorce a little more manageable.

The new year brings new divorce filings

Studies show that divorce filings peak at the beginning of the year and at the end of the summer. Families typically spend a lot of time together over the holidays, and this tends to highlight their differences. Illinois spouses whose disappointing holiday season was the final straw for their marriage can do a few things to prepare for the first meeting with a divorce lawyer.

Alimony and the new tax bill

Illinois residents who are considering a divorce might eventually negotiate for alimony payments. As a result of the tax legislation that was signed into law in December, they might also be concerned with the changes the bill will have on the tax implications of alimony payments.

Factors that may lead to the end of a marriage

When a person has a relationship outside of their marriage, it could doom the marriage to failure. However, infidelity is not the only reason that marriages end in Illinois and elsewhere. In some cases, a drug or alcohol problem may be what causes a relationship to end. This may be especially true if the individual with the problem doesn't get help or otherwise change their ways.

Divorce and its impact on the holiday season

Illinois parents who have gotten divorced may eventually come to dislike the holiday season. This may be true whether the divorce occurred during the holiday season or if it occurred at some other time of the year. However, it is important to understand that the holidays are about being there for the children. Those who can't be with their children during the holiday season should make arrangements to spend it with friends or family members.

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