Is It Time To Change Your Parenting Arrangement?

Divorce decrees and parenting plans are a reflection of the time in which they are created. Even when parties enter into agreements with every intention of upholding the terms, the need to make changes can arise down the road.

In Lake County, Illinois, parents can turn to The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar for assistance with parenting plan modification and all other post-decree matters.

Grounds For Modification

Any legal matter involving children — such as parenting plans, visitation or support — will always be decided based on what is in the best interest of the child. Modification of parenting plans is no exception.

Common reasons for seeking a change in a parenting plan arrangement include:

  • Changes in the custodial parent’s circumstances
  • Relocation of a parent

As a family law attorney, I have been helping parents with parenting-related issues for more than 25 years. I can evaluate the circumstances of your situation to determine whether modification is warranted and then guide you through the legal process. Most modification requests can be resolved amicably, but I will vigorously pursue your rights in court if your spirit of cooperation is not shared.

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