Paternity: The Gateway To Parenting Time And Support

Unmarried parents can face obstacles in obtaining child support or being granted visitation. Unlike married couples, there is no presumption as to who the father of the child is unless his name is on the birth certificate.

In Lake County, you can turn to The Law Office Of Cynthia L. Lazar for all of your paternity-related needs. As a family law attorney, I have been pursuing the interests of mothers, fathers and children in Illinois for more than 25 years and can help you reach the best possible outcome.

Voluntary Acknowledgment Of Paternity (VAP)

A father who executes a VAP can face the initiation of child support by the mother, but a VAP will not make him eligible to exercise his parental rights. If you are a father seeking parenting time or visitation rights, I can help you prove paternity and take care of the legal process for asserting your parental rights.

Are You A Mother Seeking Child Support?

If a VAP has not been executed by the father, I can help you prove paternity so you can initiate child support proceedings. As your lawyer, I can also assist you with all parenting-related issues once paternity is demonstrated.

Is your child younger than two?

It may be possible to obtain retroactive child support once paternity is proven. This may also include payments to defray any health care or birthing expenses you incurred.

Serving The Best Interests Of Your Child

In almost all cases, it is best for a child to have both parents in his or her life. I look forward to helping you serve your child’s best interests through a paternity action. Contact my office in Libertyville today to arrange a consultation.


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